The Enemy - class 12 -vistas-english question answer

                                              THE ENEMY

1.What was his father’s chief concern for sadao?

a.sadao’s father chifly concerned about sadao’s education. He took a lot of pains and sent sadao to america to study surgery and medicine.he came up to his father’s expectation by becaming a famous surgeon as well as a scientist.

2.Where,when and how did dr. Sadao meet hana?

a.Dr. Sadao meet hana in america when he was studying surgery there.He meet hana at a get-together arranged by an American professor at his home for foreign student.

3.Why was Dr.sadao not sent abroad along with the troops?

a.Dr.sadao was not sent abord with the troops because the ailing general trusted no other surgeon but Dr.sadao and could needed his expert service anytime.

4.In what condition did Dr sadao find the american soldier at the sea shore?

a.Dr.sadao found the american soidier in a wounded condition at the sea shore.he was very weak and pale,had bulletstuck in his wound and his back stained with blood.He was almost at the verge of death.

5.What role did the american professor play in bringing hana and sadao together?

a.The american professor was play a great role in bringing hana and sadao together by invited a number of foreign students at his home and hana and sadao were among them.This eventually led to brininging hana and sadao together.

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