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Ahsec Class-12 Accountancy Question Paper Solve-2019

 2019 ACCOUNTANCY Full Marks : 100 Pass Marks : 30 Time : Three hours The figures in the margin indicate full marks  for the questions. 1. (a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words :  (1×4=4) (i) The liability of every shareholder of a company is ___________. Solution:  Limited (ii) Outstanding Subscription is shown on the ___________ side of the Balance Sheet.  Solution  Assets (iii) If a partner takes over a liability of the firm, that partner’s capital account is ___________.  Solution:  Credited (iv) Current ratio is the relationship between ___________ assets and current liabilities. Solution:  current (b) Choose the correct alternative : (1×2=2) (i) Annual Report is issued by a company to its : (1) Directors (2) Auditors (3) Shareholders (4) Management. Solution:  (1) Directors (ii) Financial statements of a company include : (1) Only Cash Flow Statement (2) Only Profit and Loss Account (3) Only Balance Sheet (4) All of the above. Solution:  (4) All of the above. (c) Sta