NCERT Additional Solutions for Class 12 Flamingo Chapter 5 -Indigo

THINK It out 1.List the places that gandhi visited between his first meeting with shukla and his arrival at champaran. 2.What did the peasants pay the

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1.Who is the author of the lesson ‘Indigo’?

Louis Fischer is the author of the lesson ‘Indigo’.

2.Who was Rajkumar Shukla ?

Answer: Rajkumar shukla was one of the poor sharecropper from champaran.He was resoluted and deter-minded.

3.Where was champaran?

Answer: Champaran was in Bihar.

4.Whom did Gandhi and shukla want to meet at patna?

Answer: Gandhi and shukla wanted to meet Rajendra prasad at patna.

5.Where did Gandhi decided to go firdt from patna?

Answer: Gandhi decided to go first to Muzzafarpur from patna.

6.Which country had devloped synthetic Indigo?

Answer: Germany had developed synthetic Indigo.

7.What was the capital of champaran?

Answer: Motihari was the capital of Champaran.

8.What is a Sharcropper?

Answer: Sharecropper is a kind of farmer who gives a part of the crop as rent to the owner of the piece of land that he cultivates.

9.Why did Shukla come to the congress session of 1916 ?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi went to the Loknow in December 1916 to attend the annual convection of the Indian national congress party, Rajkumar Shukla had come to the congress session to complain about the injustice of the landlord system in Bihar and to take Gandhiji to his place Champaran.

10.What were the three medicines used for disease in champaran?

Answer: Costor oil, Quinine and Sulphur ointment were the three medicine used for diseases in Champaran.

More Question's Solution (Mark 3/4)

1.Why did Gandhi agree to the settlement of a 25% refund to the farmars ?

Answer: Gandhi agreed to the settlement of a 25 Percent refund to the farmars, because he belived that the British landlords surrendered was of more significance than the percentage of refund . He wanted the poor farmers to realise that they too had rights and they need not live in fear of the British landloards.

  Therefor, although he had initially quoted a 50 percent refund, he later agreed to a settlement of 25 percent refund to the farmers.

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