NCERT Additional Solutions For Class 12 Flamingo English Keeping Quiet

1.What will counting up to twelve and keeping still help us achieve ? 2.Do you think the poet advocates total inactivity and death? 3.what is the sa

Short question Answers:

1.Who is the poet of ‘keeping quiet’? 

Answer: Pablo Neruda is the poet of ‘keeping quiet’.

2.What is the real name of Pablo Neruda?

Answer: The real name of Pablo Neruda is Neftali Reicardo Reyes Basoalto.

3.What does the poet, in ‘keeping quiet’ wish us to do?

Answer: The poet, in ‘keeping quiet’ wish us to keep still while he count twelve.

4.What is Pablo Neruda’s opinion about the different kinds of wars?

Pablo Neruda in his poem ‘keeping quiet’ talks about various kinds of wars. He talks about green wars,wars with gas and wars with fire.

The poet feels any type of war is not good for anyone as it leaves nothing in its wake.

5.What is the meant by ‘green wars’?

Answer: Green wars means the wars fought against environment, against nature.

6.Which is the exotic moment that the poet refers to in ‘keeping quiet’?

Answer: The poet refers to the moment of stillness and quietness as an exotic moment. would be no movement, no talk, no activity and consequently no violence.

7.What is it that human beings can learn from nature?

Answer: Life under apparent stillness is the attitude that man can learn from nature.

8.Why according to the poet do the man become sad?

Answer: According to the poet Neruda, men become sad because of their failure in understanding each other and even our own ‘selves’.Hense,they always threaten themselves with death and after realising their helplessness,they become sad.

9.Why does the poet adress the fisherman and the man gathering salt?

Answer: In the poem ‘keeping quiet’,we can know that Neruda,the poet does not like violence.Therefor, he calls upon the fishermen that they should not harm the whales and also he asks the man gathering salt to look after himself properly and not to hurt his hands again.

10.What can the earth teach us?

Answer: The earth can teach us that there can be life under apparent stillness.because stillness does not mean inactivity; it may can mean some thing positively.

Long Questions's Solution

11.For how long does the poet want us to keep quiet?

Answer: The poet wants us to keep quiet till he counts upto twelve.

12.Who are the ‘brothers’ mentioned in the poem?

Answer: The ‘brothers’ here are the whole mankind,who should cry in one another’s sorrow, pain or death; and should feel happy for other’s happiness.

13.Why does the poet Neruda ‘wish to count up to ‘twelve’?

Answer: The poet ‘wishes to count to twelve’ so that his listeners remain quiet, calm and still.

The twelve in the poem has a special significance ,as this number is associated with many things in our lives.We have twelve months in a year, the zodiac signs are twelve, twelve gates of haven and even the marks on the clock are twelve that divides a day into two halves of twelve hours each .Even, the tittle of the poem ‘keeping Quiet’,is made of twelve letters. and the time period of twelve also refers to a period of one year, when mankind could stop their activities and the nature could have time to regenerate.

14.What symbol from Nature does the poet invoke to say that there can be life under apparent stillness?

Answer: Neruda tries to clarify that ‘stillness’ always does not mean total inactivity. And, in this regard only he uses a very living symbol, i.e, the earth.Through this symbol, he means that Earth continues to live under apparent stillness.Everything may someday die,but the Nature will always be at its work to keep the earth alive.

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