NCERT Additional Solutions for Class 12 Flamingo Poem 3 - A Thing Of Beauty

1. List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem. 2. List the things that cause suffering and pain. 3. What makes human being love life inspite of

Short Question's Solution (Mark 1,2)

1. Who is the poet of the poem, ‘ A Thing of beauty’?

Answer: John Keats, a British Romantic poet, is the poet of the poem, ‘A Thing of Beauty’.

2. From which poem ‘ A Thing of beauty’ is an excerpt ?

Answer: ‘ A Thing of beauty’ is an excerpt of John Keats poem ‘Endymion : A Poetic Romance’.

3. What according to poet never passes into nothingness?

Answer: A Thing of beauty is seen as a joy forever.

4. What should we do every morning?

Answer: Every morning we should weave a wreath through the beautiful things of nature.

5. What is the lovelier then the lovely tales heared by us?

Answer: Our earth, Which is the source of all beautiful things, is lovelier than those lovely tales that we have heard.

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