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NCERT SOLUTION FOR CLASS 12'S ACCOUNTANCY - class-12-commerce-accountancy-book-questions-solution.html
Accounting for Partnership : Basic Concepts, NCERT                       
05 Chapters
01  Accounting for Non-for-Profit Organisation
02 Accounting for Partnership: Basic Concept
03 Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm - Admission of a Partner
04 Reconstitution of a Partnership Firm - Retirement/Death of a Partner
05 Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

Company Accounts and Analysis of Financial Statements, NCERT
06 Chapters
01  Accounting for Share Capital
02 Issue and Redemption of Debentures
03 Financial Statement of a Company
04 Analysis of Financial Statements
05 Accounting Ratios
06 Cash Flow Statement

Double Entry Book Keeping Volume 1, (Latest- Edition) TS Grewal

07 Chapters
01  Financial Statements of Not for Profit Organisations
02 Accounting for Partnership Firms-Fundamentals
03 Goodwill: Nature and Valuation
04 Change in Profit-Sharing Ratio Among the Existing Partners
05 Admission of a Partner
06 Retirement/Death of a Partner
07 Dissolution of a Partnership Firm

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