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Class 10 English Sample Paper Solution - CBSE

1. According to the author, what, from the following, is the greatest lesson being taught by nature? 

A. balanced in our emotions. 
B. partial to joys in life. 
C. afraid of unhappiness. 
D. indifferent to fears.

2. Select the option that suitably completes the dialogue with reference to paragraph II. 

Jai: I’ve done well for myself in this school. I’m the best they have. I can get admission anywhere. This is my moment! Sid: Congratulations! Just remember, we should ……………………………………. 

A. become strong despite our weakness. 
B. be kind and supportive towards everyone. 
C. respect the origins from where we have grown. 
D. nurture ourselves well from the beginning.

3. Choose the option that best conveys the message in - ‘I am because we are.’ 

A. Tigers are dependent on antelope 
B. Antelope are dependent on tigers 
C. Humans are dependent on animals 
D. Everyone is dependent on each other

4. What qualities do the birds and squirrels display when they warn others of possible danger? Choose one option from the following: 

A. Observation skills and alertness. 
B. Tendency to get easily frightened. 
C. Selfless assistance to help others. 
D. Determination to protect themselves.
5. Select the option with the underlined words that can suitably replace lurking (paragraph IV). 

A. The policeman pulled up the person who was wandering aimlessly through the city. 
B. The thief knew that remaining hidden was the best strategy to avoid being caught. 
C. The policeman was caught on camera while pouncing with force, to grab the fleeing culprit. 
D. The thief was walking boldly into the house thinking it was devoid of residents.

6. A Portmanteau words like smog (smoke + fog), is a blend of words in which parts of multiple words are combined into a new word. From the options given below, select a Portmanteau word that appears in the para VI. 

A. coexistence 
B. workaholic 
C. full-grown 
D. flourish

7. Select the qualities from paragraph III, that the author wants us to imbibe. Being- 
(1) acceptive 
(2) passionate 
(3) emotional 
(4) resilient 
(5) perceptive 

A. (2), (4) and (5) 
B. (1), (3) and (4) 
C. (1), (4) and (5) 
D. (3), (4) and (5)

8. Which of the following is shown by the changing of seasons? 

A. The beauty of nature. 
B. Nature’s creativity. 
C. All seasons are equal. 
D. Nothing lasts forever.

9. What does the writer advise, in paragraph VI? 

A. Indulging in competition with others. 
B. Making priority lists. 
C. Taking life seriously. 
D. Having free time for ourselves.

10. Choose the option that lists the quote best expressing the central idea of the passage. 

A. Nature: She pardons no mistakes. Her yea is yea, and her nay, nay. -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

B. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - A. Einstein 

C. Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves. -Jean Jacques Rousseau 

D. All the ugliness of the world can best be forgotten in the beauty of nature! -Mehmet Murat


11. II. Read the passage given below.

I. Research from the Publishers Association has shown that films based on books take 44% more at the box office revenue in the UK and 53% more worldwide than original screenplays. The report explores what impact a book has when adapted for film and TV.

II. The report reads: “Published material is the basis of 52% of top UK films in the last 10 years, and accounts for an even higher share of revenue from these leading performers, at 61% of UK box office gross and 65% of worldwide gross.” The Hollywood adaptation of“My Cousin Rachel” was shown to have a significant impact on the sales of the Daphne Du Maurier thriller. The sales of the book in 2017 alone accounted for 23% of all sales since 1992

III. The research suggests that adapted films tend to perform better, because films can “leverage the popularity” of well-known books through an existing audience. Films adapted from books also tend to have a richer, more fully-developed story to draw on. In terms of TV adaptation, it was revealed that a quarter of dramas were based on literary sources and attracted a 56% larger share of the audience than those based on original scripts. Fourteen of the 35 high end series produced in the UK in the period between January and September 2017 were based on books, compared to seven based on true stories or historical events and five based on pre-existing films or TV stories.

IV. In the case of the 2016 BBC broadcast of “The Night Manager”, research revealed that while the novel was in circulation for over 25 years, 82% of the copies it sold were in 2016 and 2017. Sales of the paperback edition remained strong in 2017 even after theseries went off the air.

V. In conclusion, the report states that “there is a strong two-way relationship between publishing and the wider creative economy, wherein a successful adaptation often has spill-over effects and gives a substantial boost to the sales of the original book.” (338 words)

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any six out of the eight questions by choosing the correct option.

11. The purpose of the research by Publishers Association was to study the_____. Choose the correct option. 

A. variety in films and TV shows. 
B. impact of films on books. 
C. choice of books for film-making. 
D. connect between books and films.

12. Select the option that is true for the two statements given below. 
(1) The revenues generated at the box office have increased. 
(2) Majority of the top films in the UK are based on published material. 

A. (1) is the result of (2). 
B. (1) is the reason for (2). 
C. (1) is independent of (2). 
D. (1) contradicts (2).
13. Select the option that gives the correct meaning of the following statement. “The sales of the book in 2017 alone accounted for 23% of all sales since 1992.” 

A. There were 23% higher sales in 2017 than previous years. 
B. A major chunk of sales happened in 2017. 
C. The sales were limited to 23% in 2017. 
D. There were very few books sold in the previous years

14. According to the research, the films based on books have greater success because____. 

A. people like to see the characters from the books on screen. 
B. the films get the advantage of the fame of the books. 
C. it takes less effort for people to watch films than read books. 
D. the films get a ready-made script from the books.

15. Select the option listing what the given sentence refers to. ‘Films adapted from books also tend to have a richer, more fully-developed story to draw on.’ 
(1) The plot and the storyline of such films are better. 
(2) The characters are likely to be more vivid. 
(3) The production of such films is meant for the rich and famous. 
(4) The settings and costumes are adapted from the book. 
(5) The making of such films require the author to write a sequel. 

A. (1), (3) and (4) 
B. (2), (3) and (5) 
C. (1), (2) and (5) 
D. (1), (2) and (4)

16. On what from the following were the maximum TV serials in UK in the year 2017 based? 

A. books. 
B. historical stories. 
C. original true stories. 
D. previous films.

17. This passage lists an example proving that TV dramas based on literary works have_______. Select the correct option. 

A. increased the immediate sales of the book 
B. increased the sales of the book during the first screening 
C. had no immediate impact on the sales of the book 
D. had very little impact on the sales of the book

18. Choose the correct option to answer the following: According to paragraph V, ‘there is a two-way relationship between books and the screen’. This is so because both 

A. revolve around the same stories. 
B. cater to an audience with the same taste. 
C. gain from each other’s popularity. 
D. belong to the creative field.


19. The hospital board clearly mentioned that you ________ smoke in the hospital as it is a health hazard for all. 

A. cannot 
B. must not 
C. need not 
D. might not

20. There’s never _______ petrol left after Rahul uses the car. 

A. much 
B. little 
C. many 
D. a little


21. I am taking driving lessons now. Hopefully, I ___________my driving test by November. 

A. will take 
B. would pass 
C. will have taken 
D. will be taking

22. Which option displays the correct change of the following to reported speech? Sunitha asked Venkat, “How much is the rent for your flat?” 

A. Sunitha asked Venkat how much was his rent for flat. 
B. Sunitha asked Venkat how much the rent for his flat was. 
C. Sunita enquires from Venkat that how much rent he pays. 
D. Sunita told Venkat how much the rent for his flat was.

23. Which option displays the correct change of the following to reported speech? She said, “I told Damanjit to send you an e-mail three days ago.” 

A. She told that Damanjit had mailed you three days then. 
B. She informed me that Damanjit has mailed me three days before. 
C. She says that she has told Damanjit to send me an e-mail three days then. 
D. She said that she had told Damanjit to send an e-mail to me three days before.

24. The dog ____________ under the chair before the children arrived. 

A. has been hiding 
B. was hid 
C. have hid 
D. had hidden

You are Debashree, a resident of Siliguri, Assam. You have to write a letter to the editor of a national daily drawing attention towards the difficulty faced by differently-abled people at tourist places. 

25. Select the option with relevant aspects that Debashree should select, for this letter. 

(1) The newspaper’s name 
(2) Attached proof of the newspaper subscription 
(3) Debashree’s address 
(4) Formal tone 
(5) Expected date of the letter’s receipt 

A. (1) and (5) 
B. (2), (3) and (4) 
C. (3) and (5) 
D. (1), (3) and (4)


26. Select the appropriate subject for this letter. 

A. Drawing attention towards differently-abled people 
B. The Differently-abled: Neglected or Misunderstood? 
C. Tourist places are an inconvenience to differently-abled people 
D. Inconvenience Faced by the Differently-abled at Tourist Spots

27. Which option should Debashree select, to elaborate on the difficulties faced by the differently-abled?

AAbsence of ramps for wheelchairs
Unclean toilets
High ticket-prices
BUnsuitable visiting timings
Tourist guides untrained in sign language
Lack of braille-script tourist pamphlets
CAbsence of ramps for wheelchairs
Tourist guides untrained in sign language
Lack of braille-script tourist pamphlets
DUnclean toilets
High ticket-prices
Unsuitable visiting timings

28. Debashree shares some suggestions in her letter, to address the issue. Select the option that helps her complete these suggestions, appropriately. In my opinion, the media can play a pivotal role in transforming people’s 

(i) . Also, 
(ii) against negligence to the needs of the differently-abled, at the tourist spots, shall go a long way in bringing about a positive change. 

A. (i) beliefs and traditions (ii) composing songs 
B. (i) perceptions and attitudes (ii) cautioning the authorities 
C. (i) preferences (ii) protesting 
D. (i) interactions (ii) keeping minimum interference

29. Select the option that correctly justifies the choice of the concluding portion of this letter. 

(1) I except the authorities take action on this issue please post my thought in your newspaper. 
(2) I hope my views get published in the columns of your newspaper so that this issue may garner more public support and awareness.

A. Yes, to Option (1) because of the autho
ritative tone. 
B. No, to Option (1) because of the informal tone. 
C. Yes, to Option (2) because of the tone of polite expectation. 
D. No, to Option (2) because of the certainty in the tone.

30. Select the option that completes the concluding line appropriately. I hope that my letter will ……………… 

A. help spread awareness about the issue. 
B. lead to action against all authorities responsible, at tourist spots. 
C. improve circulation of the national daily. 
D. result in positive reviews by the readers.


V. Read the given extract to attempt the questions that follow: But the decades of oppression and brutality had another unintended effect, and that was that it produced the Oliver Tambos, the Walter Sisulus, the Chief Luthulis, the Yusuf Dadoos, the Bram Fischers, the Robert Sobukwes of our times — men of such extraordinary courage, wisdom and generosity that their like may never be known again. Perhaps it requires such depths of oppression to create such heights of character. My country is rich in the minerals and gems that lie beneath its soil, but I have always known that its greatest wealth is its people, finer and truer than the purest diamonds. It is from these comrades in the struggle that I learned the meaning ofcourage. Time and again, I have seen men and women risk and give their lives for an idea.

 (Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) 

31. What was the unintended effect of the long oppression? Choose the correct option. 

A. It made the people indifferent to injustice. 
B. It made the people reject oppression. 
C. It influenced a generation to fight against injustice. 
D. It made people accept their oppression.

32. Men of such extraordinary courage refers to the people who……………….. 

A. liberated and abolished the Apartheid system. 
B. used their resources to spread awareness. 
C. fought for their country’s freedom. 
D. demonstrated utmost strength to oppose the system.

33. Nelson Mandela compares to diamonds. 

A. his countrymen 
B. patriots 
C. wise men 
D. the oppressed

34. When Nelson Mandela says, “I have seen men and women risk and give their lives for an idea.”, he means that they are………… 

A. stubborn. 
B. committed. 
C. intelligent. 
D. proud.

35. Select the suitable word from the extract to complete the following: depths: heights : : compassion : . 

A. wisdom 
B. oppression 
C. struggle 
D. courage

VI. Read the given extract to attempt the questions that follow: 

Let me put it more clearly, since no one will believe that a thirteen-year-old girl is completely alone in the world. And I’m not. I have loving parents and a sixteen-year-old sister, and there are about thirty people I can call friends. I have a family, loving aunts and a good home. No, on the surface I seem to have everything, except my one true friend. All I think about when I’m with friends is having a good time. I can’t bring myself to talk about anything but ordinary everyday things. 

(From the Diary of Anne Frank) 

36. Why does Anne feel the following? …no one will believe that a thirteen-year-old girl is completely alone in the world. 

1) People knew she had a family. 
2) People rejected the idea of loneliness. 
3) She had several friends. 
4) She had a cheerful personality. 
5) Her life was comfortable. 

Choose the correct option from the following: 

A. (1) and (5) 
B. (1), (3) and (4) 
C. (2) and (3) 
D. (2), (4) and (5)

37. Select the most appropriate option for (1) and (2). 

(1) …on the surface I seem to have everything, except my one true friend. 
(2) Anne doesn’t truly connect with anyone. 10 

A. (1) is true and (2) is false. 
B. (2) is the opposite of (1). 
C. (1) furthers the meaning of (2). 
D. Both (1) and (2) cannot be inferred from the extract

38. From the options given below, identify Anne’s tone in the extract. 

A. restless 
B. dissatisfied 
C. scared 
D. hurt

39. Select the option which displays an example of ‘having a good time’.

(A) He is out for a picnic with his friends and they are laughing and singing together.
(B) He is studying hard for the periodic test the following day to improve his scores.
(C) He is trying to convince his father to purchase the latest video games for him.
(D) He just rescued an injured puppy and is tending to its wounds.

40. What do we get to know about Anne when she says the following? I can’t bring myself to talk about anything but ordinary everyday things Choose one from the following to answer: 

A. She is proud of her ways. 
B. She is struggling to strike conversations. 
C. She is unsure of her own thoughts. 
D. She is unable to have a satisfying conversation


VII. Read the given extract to attempt the questions that follow:

Money is external. He is learning, well behind his desperate eyes, The epistemology of loss, how to stand up Knowing what every man must one day know And most know many days, how to stand up (The Ball Poem) 

41. The poet says money is external. What does it mean in this extract? 

A. Money helps us purchase materials that make life worth living. 
B. Money promotes materialism and hunger for power among youngsters. 
C. Money only impacts a person’s external environment. 
D. Money buys materialistic things and can be earned again, when lost.

42. What does the boy learn by losing the ball, according to the extract? 

1) Loss is the unavoidable truth of life. 
2) Material objects can be replaced. 
3) Money buys happiness. 
4) Losses in life can be prevented with care. 
5) Life continues despite losses. 

A. (1), (2) and (5) 
B. (2) and (4) 
C. Only (1) 
D. (3) and (5)

43. The boy is learning how to stand up… This means that he is learning to be in the face of difficulties. 

A. patient 
B. resilient 
C. defensive 
D. judgemental

44. Which option lists who is speaking these lines? 

A. An observer. 
B. The boy’s parent. 
C. The ball salesman. 
D. A friend.

45. According to the poet, from whom do we mostly learn about loss? 

A. Elders. 
B. Experiences. 
C. Books. 
D. Teachers.
VIII. Read the given extract to attempt the questions that follow: 

I followed casually. 
“Hello again,” he said. 
I gave him my most appealing smile. “I want to work for you,” I said. 
“But I can’t pay you.” 
I thought that over for a minute. Perhaps I had misjudged my man. I asked, “Can you feed me?” “Can you cook?” 
“I can cook,” I lied again. 
“If you can cook, then maybe I can feed you.” 
He took me to his room over the Jumna Sweet Shop and told me I could sleep on the balcony. But the meal I cooked that night must have been terrible because Anil gave it to a stray dog and told me to be off. But I just hung around, smiling in my most appealing way, and he couldn’t help laughing. 

(The Thief’s Story)

46. Even though Hari Singh followed Anil casually, it was a/an ………………… 

A. careless action. 
B. staged move. 
C. unusual decision. 
D. bold step

47. From the following options, identify Hari Singh’s intention behind the appealing smile. 

A. Deceit 
B. Harm 
C. Hatred 
D. Jealousy

48. Select the option listing Anil’s characteristics, as revealed in the extract. 

1) unassuming 
2) kind 
3) determined 
4) naïve 
5) humourous 

A. (2) and (3) 
B. Only (5) 
C. (1), (2) and (4) 
D. Only (2)

49. Select the most appropriate option based on (1) and (2). 

(1) Anil gave his meal to a stray dog. 
(2) Hari Singh did not know how to cook. 

A. (2) is true and (1) is false. 
B. (2) is the result for (1). 
C. (2) is the cause for (1). 
D. (2) is false and (1) is true.

50. The phrase hung around suggests that Hari Singh continued to…………. 

A. smile. 
B. cook. 
C. appeal. 
D. linger.


IX. Attempt the following. 

51. Lencho is ____________when he says, “that’s what they say: no one dies of hunger.” 

A. doubtful 
B. stressed 
C. confused 
D. dismissive

52. Which option correctly replaces the underlined phrase in the give line from Fire and Ice? I hold with those who favour fire. 

A. am as experienced as 
B. strongly disagree with 
C. have the same opinion as 
D. habitually avoid

53. The purpose of the treatment, given to the young seagull by his parents, was to………….. 

A. teach him a lesson about the importance of food. 
B. inculcate obedience towards them. 
C. let him overcome his fear. 
D. improve his relationship with his siblings.

54. Peggy often gave a nudge to one of her friends when she spoke to Wanda in the school yard. This meant that she wanted her friend to ___________________. 

A. stop talking to Wanda and move on 
B. observe and partake in the joke on Wanda 
C. ignore the complete situation with Wanda 
D. interrupt any reply that came from Wanda

55. In the poem Dust of Snow, which negative symbols have been used to create a positive effect? 

A. hemlock tree; crow 
B. crow; snow 
C. snow; hemlock tree 
D. crow; dust

56. Mandela refers to liberty as “newborn” because it 

A. was dependent on others for growth and guidance.
 B. had recently been attained with lots of struggle. 
C. made people experience infant-like excitement. 
D. arrived unexpectedly for everyone.

57. In the poem A Tiger in the Zoo, what does the tiger’s ‘quiet rage’, indicate? It indicates that the tiger’s anger is 

A. forgotten. 
B. provoked. 
C. suppressed. 
D. opposed.

58.Identify the option that aptly describes Griffin. 

A. greedy, yet kind 
B. proud and honourable 
C. considerate and selfless 
D. brilliant, but lawless

59. Anil’s carelessness made stealing from him _____________for Hari Singh. 

A. uninteresting 
B. difficult 
C. systematic 
D. predictable

60. What does the exclamation, “This is a triumph of surgery!”, by Mrs. Pumphrey, mean? 

A. The surgery was successful. 
B. The mistress could take back her pet. 
C. The doctor was a great veterinarian. 
D. The planned venture was fruitful.


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