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Class 10 Mathematics (Basic) TERM 1 Sample Paper Solution - CBSE | Session- 2021-22

1. A box contains cards numbered 6 to 50. A card is drawn at random from the box. The probability that the drawn card has a number which is a perfect square like 4,9….is 

(a) 1/45 
(b) 2/15 
(c) 4/45 
(d) 1/9

2. In a circle of diameter 42cm ,if an arc subtends an angle of 60 ˚ at the centre where ∏=22/7,then the length of the arc is 

(a) 22/7 cm 
(c) 22 cm 
(d) 44 cm
(b) 11cm 

3. If sinƟ = x and secƟ = y , then tanƟ is 

(a) xy 
(b) x/y 
(c) y/x 
(d) 1/xy

4. The pair of linear equations y = 0 and y =-5 has 

(a) One solution 
(b) Two solutions 
(c) Infinitely many solutions 
(d) No solution

5. A fair die is thrown once. The probability of even composite number is 

(a) 0 
(b) `1/3` 
(c) `3/4` 
(d) 1

6. 8 chairs and 5 tables cost Rs.10500, while 5 chairs and 3 tables cost Rs.6450. The cost of each chair will be 

(a) Rs. 750 
(b) Rs.600 
(c) Rs. 850 
(d) Rs. 900

7. If cosƟ+`"cos"^{2}Ɵ` =1,the value of `"sin"^{2}`Ɵ+`"sin"^{4}Ɵ` is

(a) -1 
(b) 0 
(c) 1 
(d) 2

8. The decimal representation of `\frac{"23"}{"2"^{"3"}\times "5"^{"2"}}` will be 

(a) Terminating 
(b) Non-terminating 
(c) Non-terminating and repeating 
(d) Non-terminating and non-repeating

9. The LCM of `2^{3}\times 3^{2}` and `2^{2}\times 3^{3}` is

(a) `2^{3}`
(b) `3^{3}`
(c) `2^{3}\times 3^{3}`
(d) `2^{2}\times 3^{2}`

10. The HCF of two numbers is 18 and their product is 12960. Their LCM will be 

(a) 420 
(b) 600 
(c) 720 
(d) 800


11. In the given figure, DE II BC. Which of the following is true?

(a)  x = `\frac{"a + b"}{"ay"}`

(b) y = `\frac{"ax"}{"a + b"}`

(c) x = `\frac{"ay"}{"a + b"}`

(d) `\frac{"x"}{"y"}`=`\frac{"a"}{"b"}`

12. The co-ordinates of the point P dividing the line segment joining the points A (1,3) and B (4,6) internally in the ratio 2:1 are 

(a) (2,4) 
(b) (4,6) 
(c) (4,2) 
(d) (3,5)

13. The prime factorisation of 3825 is

(a) `3\times 5^{2}\times21`
(b) `3^{2}\times 5^{2}\times35`
(c) `3^{2}\times 5^{2}\times3517`
(d) `3^{2} 25 \times3517`

14. In the figure given below, AD=4cm,BD=3cm and CB=12 cm, then cotƟ equals

(a) 3/4 
(b) 5/12 
(c) 4/3 
(d) 12/5

15. If ABCD is a rectangle , find the values of x and y

ABCD is a rectangle
(a) X=10,y=2 
(b) X=12,y=8 
(c) X=2,y=10 
(d) X=20,y=0

16. In an isosceles triangle ABC, if AC=BC and `"AB"^{2}`=`"2AC"^{2}` , then the measure of angle C will be 

(a) 30˚ 
(b) 45˚ 
(c) 60˚ 
(d) 90˚

17. If -1 is a zero of the polynomial p(x)=`"x"^{2}` -7x-8 , then the other zero is

(a) -8 
(b) -7 
(c) 1 
(d) 8

18. In a throw of a pair of dice, the probability of the same number on each die is 

(a) 1/6 
(b) 1/3 
(c) 1/2 
(d) 5/6


19. The mid-point of (3p,4) and (-2,2q) is (2,6) . Find the value of p+q 

(a) 5 
(b) 6 
(c) 7 
(d) 8

20. The decimal expansion of `"147"/"120"` will terminate after how many places of decimals? 

(a) 1 
(b) 2 
(c) 3 
(d) 4



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