“Democracy is Best Suited to Produce Better Results”. Examine the statement - Bzziii

“Democracy is best suited to produce better results”. Examine the statement.

Democracy as a form of government is a form of society and social order. It is the best suited to produce better results than any other form of government because of the following reasons: (any five)

  • Democracy promotes equality among citizens; each citizen is given equal rights and freedom, with no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, colour, etc.
  • Democracy aims at equitable distribution of incomes and products among citizens. 
  • Democracy enhances dignity of individuals and permits political equality for all its citizens. There is absence of any domination and conflicts and thus it ensures that every citizen enjoys dignity and freedom in democracy.
  • Democracy improves the quality of decision-making, based on deliberation and negotiations; it also improves the quality of decision-making. In a democracy, every citizen takes part in the decision-making process, either directly or indirectly through the elected representatives. 
  • Democracy reduces the possibility of social tensions becoming explosive or violent.
  • Democracies are best suited to resolve conflicts among different groups and evolve mechanisms to negotiate the differences.
  • Democracy produces a government which is accountable to the citizens, responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens and is legitimate in its functioning.

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