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Explain the meaning of gain and profit. Distinguish between these two term

Gain: It emerges from unpredictable exercises or non-repeating exchanges. At the end of the day, an addition is an aftereffect of exchanges that are coincidental to the business, other than working exchanges. For instance, an old apparatus of book esteem Rs 20,000 is sold at Rs 25,000. Consequently, the addition is Rs 5,000 (for example Rs 25,000 − Rs 20,000). Here, the offer of the old apparatus is an unpredictable action; along these lines, the thing that matters is named as gain Thus, at the end of the day the main contrast among benefit and gain is that benefit is the overabundance of income over cost and gain emerges from other than working exchanges.

Profit: Excess of income over cost is known as benefit. It is ordinarily classified into net benefit or net benefit. It expands the proprietor's capital as it is added to the capital toward the finish of each bookkeeping period. For instance, products costing Rs 1, 00,000 is sold at Rs 1,20,000, then, at that point, the deal continues of Rs 1,20,000 is the income and 1,00,000 is the cost to create this income. Thus, bookkeeping benefit of Rs 20,000 (for example Rs 1,20,000 − Rs 1,00,000) is the distinction between the income and cost that is procured by the business.

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