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Journalise the following transactions: 2017 Rs. Dec.01 Hema started business with cash 1,00,000 Dec.02 Open a bank account with SBI 30,000 - Bzziii

Journalise the following transactions: 2017 ₹ Dec.01 Hema started business with cash 1,00,000 Dec.02 Open a bank account with SBI 30,000 Dec.04 Pur
Journalise the following transactions:

Dec.01Hema started business with cash1,00,000
Dec.02Open a bank account with SBI30,000
Dec.04Purchased goods from Ashu20,000
Dec.06Sold goods to Rahul for cash15,000
Dec.10Bought goods from Tara for cash40,000
Dec.13Sold goods to Suman20,000
Dec.16Received cheque from Suman19,500
 Discount allowed500
Dec.20Cheque given to Ashu on account10,000
Dec.22Rent paid by cheque2,000
Dec.23Deposited into bank16,000
Dec.25Machine purchased from Parigya10,000
Dec.26Trade expenses2,000
Dec.28Cheque issued to Parigya10,000
Dec.29Paid telephone expenses by cheque1,200
Dec.31Paid salary4,500

In the Books of Hema
Amount (Rs.)
Amount (Rs.)
Dec.01Cash A/c Dr. 1,00,000 
     To Capital A/c  1,00,000
 (Being Started business wth cash)   
Dec.02 Bank A/cDr. 30,000 
     To Cash A/c  30,000
 (Being Bank account opened with SBI)   
Dec.04Purchase A/c Dr. 20,000 
     To Ashu  20,000
 (Being Goods purchased from Ashu)   
Dec.06Cash A/cDr. 15,000 
     To Sales A/c  15,000
 (Being Goods sold for cash)   
Dec.10Purchase A/cDr. 40,000 
    To Cash A/c  40,000
 (Being Goods purchased for cash)   
Dec.13Suman  Dr. 20,000 
     To Sales A/c  20,000
  (Being goods sold to Suman)   
Dec.16Bank A/cDr.19,500
Discount Allowed A/cDr.500
To Suman A/c20,000
(Being cheque received from Suman and discount allowed)
Dec.20Ashu A/cDr.10,000
To Bank A/c10,000
(Being cheque given to Ashu on account)
Dec.22Rent A/cDr.2,000
To Cash A/c2,000
(Being rent paid by cheque)
Dec.23Bank A/cDr.16,000
To Cash A/c16,000
(Being cash deposited into bank)
Dec.25Machine A/cDr.10,000
To Parigya A/c10,000
(Being machine purchased from Parigya)
Dec.26Trade Expenses A/cDr.2,000
To Cash A/c2,000
(Being trade expense paid in cash)
Dec.28Parigya A/cDr.10,000
To Bank A/c10,000
(Being cheque issued to Parigya)
Dec.29Telephone Expenses A/cDr.1,200
To Bank A/c1,200
Dec.31Salary A/cDr.4,500
To Cash A/c4,500
(Being salary paid in cash)

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