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Name any two important characteristics of management.

Management in a business firm or company is the more important part of the organization to perform more efficiently in the market and compete with its competitors in the market. Management is driven by its character and they make management more powerful and also depend on the objective or goals of the business organization,Each union is determined to perform some task, such as instructing a school, a clinic treating patients, preparing a processing plant, and none of these functions adequately without a board. cannot end and also To accomplish the objectives of an association numerous tasks or exercises should be led, for example, creation, deal, buy, finance, bookkeeping, R&D, and so forth Once more, the board is expected to ensure that tasks are achieved proficiently and actually. Two important features of management are described below:

(1) Management is Goal-oriented Process:
Management is Goal-oriented Process

Without management it is like a blind people, a blind person is facing many problems at his every step like without any management, firm or company has no idea to run his business.
     But after the establishment of management in the firm or company, they set a goal for their business, what should they do? And what not? It instructs the business to employ its employees to work for a particular goal.

(2) Management is a continuous process:
Management is a continuous process

Management is a continuous process because in a company many managers come and do their job, after a period their age reduces and they retire, but the management leaves the company. One never retires, it is a continuous process.

(3) Management is a Group Activity:
Management is a Group Activity

It intends that (|T-2 it's anything but a solitary individual who fulfills every one of the exercises of an association yet it is consistently a gathering of people (administrators). Henceforth, the executives is a collective endeavor.

(4)The board is an Intangible Force:
The board is an Intangible Force

The board is that power which shouldn't be visible. It must be felt. Assuming any association is making a beeline for more significant levels of accomplishment, it implies the presence of good administration as well as the other way around. As such, accomplishment mirrors the nature of the executives and its adequacy.

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