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State the main objective of time study.

   Time study determines the standard time taken to perform a well-defined job. Time measuring devices are used for each element of task. Standard time is determined for the whole task by taking several readings. The method of time study will depend on the volume and frequency of work, cycle time of operation and time measurement cost.

The purpose of time study is to determine the number of workers to be employed; Creating suitable incentive plans and determining labor cost. For example, on the basis of several observations it is determined that the standard time taken by a worker to make a carton is 20 minutes. So he will make 3 boxes in an hour. Assuming that an employee has to work 8 hours in a shift and deduct one hour for rest and lunch, it is determined that in 7 hours a worker has to work 21 boxes @ 3 boxes per hour makes. Now this is the standard work that a worker has to do. Salary can be fixed accordingly.

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