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The executives standards are not unbending and truly adaptable. The chief has adequate carefulness to adjust the guideline of the board to be applied
What makes principles of management flexible?

   The application of management principles is contingent as it depends on the prevailing situation at a particular point of time. Management principles are not rigid and extremely flexible. The manager has sufficient discretion to modify the principle of management to be applied as per the demands of the situation. For example, the decision to centralize or decentralize depends on the situation and the circumstances that arise. Personal principles are like personal tools which can be applied by the manager on the basis of circumstances. They are flexible and can be modified by manager when position number of cases. so they Tell us if any special principles was applied in a particular situation, what will happen to him potential impact. principles less than management Exactly because they are mainly applied to human behavior. Really Life conditions are not the same. So, the exact cause and effect relationships can be difficult to establish. However, the theory management support in setting up managers some of these relationships and are therefore useful. in emergency situations, it is desirable that any takes charge and others just follow. but in situations need to be cross-functional specialization, such as the establishment of A new factory, more participatory approach to decision making would be appropriate.

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