Write a debate on the topic; Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.

Write a debate on the topic;Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.

From the time of our born, our society divided us in two category, that's are as male or female.This leads or impact more over our life as male or female, but it's mainly depends on our parental mindset and more of the casese in ourself that how we act on over this situation. As we take birth as female then our society or our parents force to work on home,helping mom in her home works, but this works are not for male means boys they should not help in the kitchen.This things draw a line between gental boundaries.But in some cases boys are shown as they help his mother in her every day to day work as a girl, that's is much good for a boy because he make himself a brave boy then other by helping or donig work on kitchen without thinking of that what others says,that does not affect him.However todays generation it is proude to see that more of kithchen masters of chef's are boys.

In each of the general public as well as in the family, there is a division of work, i.e. homework ends for the youths independently from the young women. Youngsters need to follow their father's activities to become great fathers in future. In addition, I believe that being prepared by young men is extreme and is really testing that despite the fact that they are ready to help their beautiful mothers in the kitchen, they are extraordinarily tired after work. feel it happened. What's more, because they dry out after weak work. That's why one should think about avoiding the kitchen. My final point is that, even though a young man is 100 percent ready to help out in the kitchen so that he can later become the owner of a large restaurant, he is still being bullied and criticized by his friends from the kitchen, which we Do in today's age. best effect. President, since each of the above focus is the undeniable reality that the "young men shouldn't help in the kitchen" movement should represent, I trust the jury to decide wisely.

In the event that you get married and your girlfriend falls ill, will she say she is the cook for the afternoon now? Some people will say that their moms will come and cook the food, how long will mom trust you? I say young men should help in the kitchen for their future and health Mr. President, since every one of the above is the undeniable reality that the "youth shouldn't help in the kitchen" movement should represent, I trust the jury Have a wise decision. Work in kitchen and learing from it more help a boy in his future because eating or survival is our primary thing in this worl for this if there is a time caming in futute when you have nobody to cook for a boy then what he done for that it;s more important to know how to prepare a meal.

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